Hey guys!

Do not worry, this is not my first “actual” post, but I will have an article/writing up later today about some things that have been on my mind. In the meantime though, I do want to make a quick update to say that I have added a new section under the “Community” tab. This section is called “Forum” and it links to the “Insert C0in” community forum. This forum was created by FiyahKitteh, and I helped develop and create a few different modules and graphics for the site. I also happen to be a moderator at the place as well.

As of now, I have no plans to make a forum or chat room for this site, and considering that this website alone is quite a new endeavor for me, it’s not something I see anytime soon either. Until that time comes though (if it ever does), I would like to invite you to “Insert C0in,” to talk with other Star Warriors and gamers alike. The forum is still relatively new as well (created around Christmas time), so don’t expect a huge amount of traffic right off the bat, but there are plenty of threads and discussions though with the sure possibility of more down the road.

For now though, here is the link! Hope you like what you see and enjoy participating if you decide to sign up!

Thanks for your time, and I think that is all I have to say for now! See you Star Warriors later!


Insert C0in Community Forum
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