Hello everybody, SlimKirby here, and today I have the results for Week 1 of the Star Warrior Cup as well as the information for the 2nd tournament! I’m not going to spend a lot of time typing about the unimportant stuff though and allow you guys to watch/listen to the video on your own accord!

Week 1 Results:
1. Blue3Danny – 227 points
2. r/Shawna* – 223 points
3. Aaron – 222 points
4. Cobalt – 218 points
5. Sinuous – 216 points
6. Rafael – 215 points
7. Riot – 213 points
7. Jasper – 213 points
9. SMG24 – 210 points
9. Kenny – 210 points
11. Calbo – 207 points
12. MayaZero – 205 points
12. Ranulf – 205 points
14. Sam – 204 points
15. Jonathan – 203 points
16. Lucy – 201 points
17. X – 199 points
18. Virtus – 196 points
18. Maskdedede – 196 points
18. GG*Leaf – 196 points

Just a note; for those who plan to continuously make the Top 20, make sure I will be able to identify you as the same person so I can keep updated records of your performances. Some people may not want to have their first name be their online identity, and for those using their first names, that may complicate some things when it comes to people who may have the same first name.

Our winner this week, Blue3Danny, will be receiving a $10 Nintendo eshop card as a reward for getting first place! If you are reading this Danny, I have already sent the reward to your Twitter account via “Direct Message” so check that and let me know if everything works so I can recycle the card! =P This prize will usually be the norm, so now you know what to expect for prizes as well!

Current Tournament:

There isn’t a whole lot to say about the 2nd Star Warrior Cup because I am not changing the settings, day, or time, but for those who want some sort of info…

Star Warrior Cup #2
Date: Sunday, September 7th, 2014
Time: 12:00 PM EDT – 4:00 PM EDT (you only need to participate in the number of races given in the “Race Limit”)
Race Limit: 16 (you can only gain points for 16 races)
Race Level: 150cc
Items: All
Special Conditions: No


Week 1 Videos
InsertC0in Community Thread

Star Warrior Cup – Week 1 Results
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