Sometimes there are projects that I want to check out or play for you guys, without necessarily being pressured into making an actual “Let’s Play” or series for it. Whether it’s a ROM hack or an addicting game I’ve discovered, this is the section for games of that nature.

Convention & Unboxing Videos:
In my attempts to become more comfortable with being on camera, I’ve decided to include unboxing videos and convention-related content on my channel. This all started when I got contacted by 1upBox to potentially do some unboxing videos for them, so I registered for the service and….well, that’s pretty much the story for this playlist! =P

Dungeon of Elements
Frogdice creators Pang and Michael Hartman contacted me via Twitter and e-mail to say thank you for providing entertainment for their daughter, who was a fan of my videos. After sending a few e-mails back and forth, I heard that they were part of their own gaming company called Frogdice, and they were working really hard on a game of their own called Dungeon of Elements, a dungeon-crawling puzzle game with Dr. Mario elements. To say thanks for the nice comments, I decided to give their game a little bump, so I played through a few levels of the game to show it off. I like to think my bump helped get the word out, or at the very least, boost up their confidence as they’ve gone on to create some other games as well (like Reign Maker) which are now available via Steam.

Little Alchemy

There is a small game I discovered on Facebook, thanks to my mom, called Little Alchemy, which I thought was kind of fun to experiment with and discover elements and different creations you could make just with simple mouse clicks. It was only a single video one-off, but I was glad I did it.

Pokémon Blue Kaizo
Allow me to show you a world where Kanto doesn’t mow their lawns, Pokémon have weird movesets, and the game just in general really hates you. With that, we have Pokémon Blue Kaizo, a hack of the original Blue Version that takes things to very frustrating lengths. I was enjoying this project for awhile, and almost considered finishing it, but due to some issues with version updates, and me just not enjoying the hack anymore at a certain point, I decided to let it go, unfortunately.

Super Mario Bros. Crossover
To celebrate 10,000 Subscribers and for almost being on Youtube for an entire three years, I decided to try out a game that had been becoming popular with my college friends called Super Mario Bros. Crossover. It’s a game where you play through the original Super Mario Bros., but not as just Mario. The trick is you can switch between several different NES heroes like Mega Man, Link, Samus Aran, Simon Belmont and even the guy from Contra. It was a fun little flash game to play to celebrate such a terrific milestone!

I’ve never been a fan of Minecraft, but Terraria on the other hand….that was something I could enjoy playing. I just feel like the game is capable of doing what Minecraft is capable of, to a much smaller, but less frustrating and complex, degree. I wanted to do a Let’s Play of Terraria, but when I figured out that it wouldn’t work, I decided to go for a Showcase instead, where I could start building a world I could call my own and share it with you guys in the process! Like other showcases though, at some point it did get a bit tiring and less interesting, so I did slow it down a lot.

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