Hello everybody and good evening! It is time for another Question Corner update! Once again I have reached the 20 (ACCEPTABLE) question threshold, which means another update will be posted. It’s been almost 2 months since the last one, but again, I need to stress that it is only because I wasn’t getting enough questions that were acceptable for the next issue to be posted. I use the word “acceptable” very strictly, because once again, some twerp thought it was funny to ask a bunch of stupid questions that were not appropriate for the issue, and then complained about the next issue not being up, blaming my laziness instead of his inability to read the rules, and then proceeded to deny any existence of my heterosexuality, which…..I don’t even see how that’s relevant to begin with, lol.

Oh well, it’s a shame for him that his comments don’t really insult me. If anything, the only individuals he is insulting is the human race in general by sharing the same existence with them. But oh well…fools will be fools. Let’s get to the questions…

…after one quick reminder that if you would like to submit a question of your own, please do so via the Contact form. Just make sure your question is appropriate and if at all possible, try to avoid questions like “Will you Let’s Play this game?” or questions that just in general will yield a very small response (so in other words, “Do you like eating chocolate?” will probably not be yielding too much of an answer compared to “What are your favorite types of dessert items?” just to give an example).

Q: “What’s your opinion of the Final Fantasy series?”
A: Despite only playing completely (and loving) Final Fantasy VII, I think it’s a great series that is doing very well for itself. I’ve seen a few Final Fantasy games and I’ve also taken a few steps into Final Fantasy I as well, and I do like what I see/play, but I’ve never been able to take more steps into actually finishing the games. I need to get back into that because I would love to get more into this series and see more what it has to offer.

Q: “What do you want to see in Mario Party 11?”
A: A complete shift back to the way Mario Party games used to be like. Better side games and side modes. Online play! The traditional style of Mario Party being the main focus! It’s that simple NDCube!

Q: “Would you like to see another game like Super Princess Peach?”
A: Super Princess Peach actually looked pretty entertaining and interesting for what the game is, and I would like to see more experimental platformers like that. They don’t necessarily have to have Peach as the main character, but the style of game it is was pretty interesting for it’s time and I’d like to see more of that.

Q: “Do you have any idea when you will take your first steps into LPing Grand Theft Auto games?”
A: I would really like to, because as I’ve stated multiple times, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City may be one of my favorite games of all-time, or at the absolute least, my favorite PS2 game. I dunno though…the timing has just never felt right for doing those games. I have GTA III, Vice City, San Andreas, Vice City Stories and GTA IV, so I have a number of titles to do…I just don’t know where exactly to begin or when. I’m sure I’ll get to it at some point though.

Q: “Are there any games you want a sequel to (aside from Hit & Run)?”
A: After thinking long and hard about this…the only game I can really think of is Kirby’s Air Ride. I thought the Air Ride mode (alongside City Trial) had a great formula to start with and it would be cool to see another game like it again.

Q: “Why does it say you joined Youtube in 2006 when you declare 2007 as your Youtube start?”
A: That’s pretty simple…I created a Youtube account in 2006 for watching videos and in 2007 I decided to start actually making videos. It seems like a simple answer for this question, opposed to the more complicated “a rip in the space time continuum happened” answer you were probably looking for, but I do get this question a lot and understandably so. It does say I started in 2006, and I always say otherwise that it was 2007. In terms of creating videos, 2007 is the only answer I will care about.

Q: “What did you think about the Kirby’s Dream Collection for the Nintendo Wii”
A: I actually thought it was a really sweet collection. Dream Land 1, 2, 3, Adventure, Super Star AND Kirby 64 for retail price? That’s a pretty sweet deal and I love the music CD that came with it as well. I think it would have been cool to include some other non-platforming games as well (like Avalanche and Dream Course), but I suppose you can’t be too picky about it.

Q: “Since you talk a lot about it, what is your history with Asperger’s Syndrome?”
A: I am not an Aspie myself, but I have a lot of friends who are and they are honestly some of the most intelligent, down to earth and wonderful people I have ever met. MegaFreak400, who was like one of my closest friends from the CrystalStarStudio group, is an Aspie and he is one of my favorite people to talk to just because I really value his opinion and he is someone who I feel like I can have a legitimate argument and discussion with, without feeling like I need to punch him afterwards. He was just someone who I really connected with. FiyahKitteh, who I dated for a few years, was also on the Aspergers spectrum and she is someone whom I really admire in wisdom, creativity and spirit, and still do to this day. After all of these meetings, and hearing stories from my parents and other family members, who do a lot of work with kids in their schools that also have Aspergers, I’ve just grown kind of an understanding and respect for those who have it because they are so misunderstood and they get treated like they are freaks, when in reality, are just like everyone else, just with slightly different reactions and interactions.

Q: “What would you love to see in a 3rd Banjo Kazooie game if they ever made one?”
A: They did make one…it’s called Nuts & Bolts. Now, since I just insulted every Banjo-Kazooie fan by saying that, please allow me to explain. I’m only teasing you because of the way you asked your question, because like it or not, another big-time Banjo Kazooie game was made after the original duology on the N64. It’s definitely not the game everyone wanted, and I’d say it’s a Banjo game in the same way that Kirby’s Epic Yarn is a Kirby game. It does have Kirby as the main character, but it’s quite obvious that he was creatively crafted into a game that was already a developed idea. As far as Nuts and Bolts goes, Rare was working on this idea and people wanted Banjo, so they included Banjo into the idea. That’s more than likely what happened anyway. Obviously I don’t work for Rare so I can’t confirm, but that seems to be the most likely scenario. Also, don’t forget about the Game Boy Advance Banjo game either. That game was a pretty neat distraction considering. Anyway, as for a new “true” Banjo game, I would be very interested to see a return to the classic style of game that made Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie what it is; a collect-a-thon platformer with cool moves, items, quirky characters, fun minigames and challenges. Really, I don’t think it’s too much to ask for Rare to go back to their Banjo roots.

Q: “Are there any companies that have the potential to bring Mario Party back to its roots?”
A: Honestly, and this is what really kills me, I think NdCube is more than capable of making a good classic Mario Party game, but they are so incredibly stuck on this mindset that the series is fine the way it is. And honestly, it’s not! They’ve shown that they are capable of making good minigames, and there are visions of a good board mode in Amiibo Party (as basic and bare bones and boring as it is), but they are just not putting two and two together, nor are they listening to their fans either. They literally have no consumer research department and that is a problem they could so easily remedy. It’s so frustrating!

Q: “Have you thought about doing other Top 10s?”
A: The questioner asked in regards to Simpsons episodes, but I’ll make the question a bit more general. Yeah, I have thought about doing other Top 10s, and for something like The Simpsons, which I have a great fondness for, topics of that nature are pretty likely to get covered in some way. My only problem is that making a list video does take a lot of time and a lot of work. Sometimes even moreso than an actual Let’s Play episode. You need to record footage, write narration, record narration, listen to narration over and over again, put it all together and watch through it multiple times to make sure it’s right. There’s a lot of stuff that’s required for a Top 10. I seriously don’t know how rabbidluigi does a list every week on his channel. But yeah, I have thought about some things and if I get some time, maybe I’ll try my hand at it! I know one topic I was considering at one point was a Top 10 favorite Donkey Kong Country levels video.

Q: “What is your opinion of the Grand Theft Auto series?”
A: I love the Grand Theft Auto series. Now, before people assume it’s because it’s the violence, committing crimes and sleeping with prostitutes side of GTA…you’re wrong! What I love is the sandbox atmosphere of the series. The fact that you are given a city to just explore and do what you want. You can play through the story, you can play fun minigames and side missions, or you can just go crazy, buy a bunch of weapons and cause havoc in town if you wanted to. The world is quite literally your oyster, and depending on what game you are playing, you have a lot of different options as well. Hell, even just doing the taxi missions while listening to the radio can be fun. It’s such a great series and why I love sandbox-style games.

Q: “What are your expectations of Nintendo’s E3 for this year and the NX?”
A: Honestly, I don’t have any expectations, but I feel like going into an E3 conference with expectations only means you will have expectations to potentially lose. While, if you go into a conference not expecting anything, you have the possibility of being completely swept off your feet, which is something I want to happen during an E3 conference. Honestly though, I would love for Nintendo to have a conference that would blow everything out of the water because right now, I feel like Nintendo desperately needs it. Not that I think Nintendo is doing bad, persay. I do enjoy the games Nintendo has been putting out and overall, the Wii U has given me more enjoyment than lack of enjoyment. I just feel like public opinion with Nintendo is already on pretty shaky ground and it needs to do something to get the faith back. I also think the NX reveal/announcement needs to be done right because that could be another deal maker or breaker for Nintendo. What would I love to see? Well, I would love to see a new Mario game, potentially a 3D Mario game.

Q: “What did you make of the death of Satoru Iwata?”
A: I was incredibly sad by the passing of Mr. Iwata. He’s been involved in so many games I’ve played and cherished from my childhood days and it’s sad to know that such a great man will no longer be involved in Nintendo Directs, conferences or game development anymore. However, one thing we must remember is that his spirit lives on in the games he has made for us, and we will never forget those gifts he had a hand in making for us gamers!

Q: “With your name being ‘Robert,’ what name do you generally go by or prefer going by (Robert, Rob, Bob, Robbie)?
A: I prefer Rob. It’s short and to the point, just the way I like it. For official stuff, like signing documents, or when I was turning in homework assignments during my college days, I use Robert because it feels more official and appropriate. I used to go by Robbie when I was younger, but I don’t really like that version of my name anymore. As far as “Bob” is concerned, that’s what we called my grandfather (shared the same name), so I try to avoid that name out of respect. My father is also named Robert, but my family just calls him by his middle name anyway.

Q: “What was your opinion of The Simpsons Game playthrough that you did a few years ago?”
A: I thought it was fine. Honestly though, I am a little bitter about that playthrough due to the fact that the Wii version (the version I played) had an inferior amount of content compared to the Xbox360 and PS3 versions, which is really dumb. May want to redo that playthrough sometime in the future, but not anytime soon.

Q: “What would be your dream vacation?”
A: Honestly, the best kind of vacations are when they are with my lovely online friends of the PuddlePlainsHD community and other good online friends. I always have a blast at Magfest whenever I go to it and it would be cool to have a longer period of time to hang out with the people I adore. We really should consider doing a get-together sometime when a convention isn’t going on just to see what it’s like. Honestly, doesn’t even matter where we go, as long as there is a place where Odinspack and I can go hit the gym and some nice relaxing time where we can sit back and game the night away!

Q: “What are your favorite animals?”
A: My favorite animal would probably be a penguin. They are very adaptable to cold weather, much like I am, and they always waddle around like I do. I also like lions, wolves and foxes.

Q: “If you only had 12 months to live, what would you try to accomplish?”
A: I would probably spend the first month relaxing and trying to come to terms with the time I have left, figuring out what things I would like to do before I leave. And then just trying to spend the rest of my time doing stuff I either really love or things I have always wanted to do. I don’t necessarily want to go into any major details, because that’s a very personal topic for me, but yeah, just making the most of what I have left. Would also try to visit people who I have always wanted to meet but never had a chance to.

Q: “Who designed the banner on your website?”
A: That was actually designed by me with help from FiyahKitteh. Her instruction with Photoshop is what allowed me to create that, but aside from the instruction, it was all done by my hand.

Question Corner #6 – 5/4/2016
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