I think it’s time for a new batch of questions, don’t you? I find it kind of ironic how I’m starting an issue of Question Corner (the series I made for you guys to ask ME questions) with a question for you guys, so maybe I should get right into it.

There are a few things I will say before we get started though, because this has been lost in translation apparently, but in regards to WHEN I post these issues; I will only post an issue of Question Corner when I have at least twenty “accepted” questions. This means the questions have to meet the guidelines I established on the Question Corner page, in the first issue and every issue since then, for it to be accepted. This means stuff like really in-depth personal questions (like where I live and what my mom looks like), and questions that have been asked before, will not be answered in this series. Also, questions about “Will I do a Let’s Play for this game?” or “Have you played this game?” will be posted in moderation, but don’t make it a habit to ask those questions, because most of the time my answers will be “I dunno, haven’t played it yet” or “I will LP it soon.” I may have something more to say about it if it’s relevant, but please don’t try to actively hunt for what games that will apply to. Just try to think of something else.

I also had a bit of an issue this time with a troll who wanted me to post the next episode of this series, and started insulting me, my parents, and my ex-girlfriend and people with Aspergers (for some reason) because he couldn’t wait any longer, but at that point, I didn’t even have ten questions yet, well under my twenty question requirement. I understand people might not have a lot of faith in me because there was such a huge hiatus between updates last year, but I am trying a lot harder this year, and every time I’ve had a new update for you guys, I’ve gotten it to you within the week. I’m not saying anybody is as bad as “Mr. Impatient” was here (the guy I was referring to in this paragraph (funnily enough, he even named himself that)), but please understand all of this and take all of that into consideration before sending me a message about it. Chances are, I probably just don’t have enough questions yet.

Anyway, let’s finally get started here…


Q: “How did you decide on your Twitch moderation staff?”
A: I figured that out in a very simple way; I picked people who I knew and trusted to be moderators from my past and people who I knew would be at my streams and would take action if things ever got out of control. That’s really all there is to it. Some of them are old friends of CrystalStarStudio, some are from PuddlePlainsHD, and some are people who I met along the way.

Q: “If you could change a shiny Pokemon, which one would it be?”
A: I’m assuming this is asking “Is there a shiny Pokemon you don’t like?” If so, I’m not a big fan of Poliwrath’s shiny form because I’m not a big fan of the color green. And while on the subject, sometimes I feel like Poliwag and Poliwhirl’s shiny color is also not very noticeable unless you have side-to-side comparisons. For being my favorite Pokemon family….I just don’t like their shiny colors that much. Politoed has a decent color I suppose, but I don’t like Politoed that much. If the question is asking, “If you could change into a Shiny Pokemon, which one would it be?” I guess I would still pick Poliwhirl because I love Poliwhirl and I could refer to myself as “shiny.” =P

Q: “What is your opinion about Yoshi’s Wooly World? Did Nintendo finally made a decent Yoshi game?”
A: Yoshi’s Wooly World is a FANTASTIC game and Good Feel struck gold once again with another “yarn” game. And yes, this has been the first very good Yoshi game since, in my opinion, the original Yoshi’s Island back on the SNES (yeah, not a big fan of Yoshi’s Story). It finally got the balance right with both, being fun and being challenging (something that’s been a challenge for the other Yoshi’s Island developers for a long time now). Also, the game is absolutely beautiful and works with the yarn-theme tremendously well!

Q: “What project (that you’ve done) is a perfect representation of who ‘SlimKirby’ is?
A: That’s a very good question and a question I cannot answer easily. I guess if I had to pick a project, or series of projects, I’d probably have to go with the Mario Party video series. I think the series shows what a dorky individual I am, it shows how strategic I can get (or try to get) with some of the moves I try to make in order to win a game, it shows how easily I mess things up and screw myself over…..the list just goes on and on. It just kind of describes who I am….someone who can get excited and full of energy playing a party game with CPU players.

Q: “Will you ever LP Quest 64?”
A: I knew that question would be coming sometime. Yes, at some point I will be LPing Quest 64. But I have no desire to say when or even figure out when I’m going to do it. I guess you will just have to wait for it to happen.

Q: “What games are you looking forward to?”
A: As of right now, probably Fire Emblem Fates because I’ve been on such a Fire Emblem kick lately. I’m also looking forward to Hyrule Warriors Legends. Also, I guess the new Zelda game has been a bit intriguing as well.

Q: “Will you ever do 60fps videos? Also when will you have the most optimal/best video quality?”
A: Lumping this question with a question I feel I get all the time from people. Anyway, I’m going to be very blunt and honest right now. All of those things…..I don’t really give a care about. I don’t feel like they add much at all to a Youtube video, and those that think they do, and that all videos NEED to be “Super HD High Quality to the Point Where my Computer Screen is All Shiny and Sparkly,” they need to take a chill pill and realize that it’s purely a cosmetic effect, and in most cases, it’s hardly even noticeable and it’s completely unnecessary.  I understand it can improve the quality and make some games (particularly modern games) look a whole lot better, but even then, I whole-heartedly believe that it’s nothing I need to concern myself with, and nothing people need to be concerned with as well. Most of my life, I had to play video games on a really small screen that would often get fuzzy from time to time, and I would often have to adjust and readjust the video-input cables. If I could deal with that for several years, I think people can tolerate some Youtube videos not being at the best of quality. At least you can see and tell what is happening. As for the 60fps thing, probably not related to the video quality thing, but even then, I’d still classify that as another purely cosmetic change.

Q: “Do you have any brothers or sisters?”
A: The only brothers and sisters I have are from other mams and misters. In other words, no, I have no brothers or sisters. I’m an only child and my parents are still together and were never married to anyone else, so there are no siblings to speak of. It is kind of a shame though, because I do feel like having a sibling would have probably helped my social life out a lot, but alas, these were the cards I were dealt.

Q: “Would you want to see a sequel of The Simpsons: Hit & Run?”
A: FOR THE LOVE THAT IS ALL GOOD AND HOLY, YES, I WOULD! Seriously, a sequel to this game NEEDS to happen. It’s the best Simpsons game, hands-down, and I was not very satisfied with “The Simpsons Game,” as a game to fill in the void. Shoutouts to Donut Mod, a team that is currently working on making more Hit & Run content, using the original game engine as a base, but a true sequel would be freaking amazing!

Q: “What were the cause of copyright strikes on your channel?”
A: I’ve gotten two copyright strikes (both removed now) in my channel’s history. The first one was a very notorious tale involving Scholastic Inc., who copyright claimed a Simpsons Hit & Run episode titled “The Magic School Bus of Destruction” for including a “Magic School Bus” reference in the title. However, this claim ASSUMED that I had content from the Magic School Bus TV show in my video, which I did not. After disputing this claim, it was removed and I never had to deal with Scholastic again. My second strike was on a Guitar Hero video which I removed LONG before I got the strike. I had Guitar Hero videos on my channel before, but when I saw that those videos were being taken down, I removed any traces of these videos from my channel. However, months later, Youtube strangely decided to give me a copyright strike anyway because “traces” of the video (rather, the link of where the video used to be) were still traceable. Because of this, I had to spend a month taking care of it and proving that I was abiding by the rules. Thankfully, it worked, and my channel is in good standing!

Q: “Do you have an income outside of Youtube?”
A: As of right now, I do not, but that will probably be a thing in a few months because I really, really need to get a job right now so I can continue to finance my channel.

Q: “Will you do a “Day in the Life of SlimKirby” video?”
A: I dunno, do you want to see me sitting at my computer editing videos all day? Haha, ok, my life is a little more interesting than just that. Truth be told, I have thought about it, and I think that would be an interesting video special. I just need a better camera than my laptop’s built-in webcam.

Q: “What is your job?”
A: Well, right now, Youtube is kind of my job. I earn money through ad revenue, and have been for about 5 years now. However, I am looking into getting a data processing and/or data entry job, or something of that nature. Really kind of open to a bunch of possibilities at the moment.

Q: “What is your opinion of The Sims games and have you played them?”
A: I played the first game to death and have always had an interest in the series. I got Sims 3 awhile back, but I haven’t played too much of it, although I did enjoy what I played. I really want to go back to the first game, but I can’t find my game anymore.

Q: “What is your opinion of gay rights and homosexuality?”
A: Kind of a random and very personal question to get on a gaming-related website, but I have very strong beliefs on this topic, so I’ll let this one pass through. In this world, we are all equals, regardless of who we are, what we look like, and how we live our lives. A homosexual man or woman should have the same rights as anyone else and should not be judged or analyzed any differently because of their personal preferences. The sooner we all accept that, the better off this world will be, and the more people try to change that, the further behind we’ll be. I have plenty of gay and bisexual friends and they are great people…hell, they are probably better people than many of my heterosexual friends, so it just goes to show you that people with different lifestyles aren’t hurting anybody…if anything they are making the world a better place because they know what it means to be civil and accepting of others.

Q: “Do you consider Sue Pea from Luigi’s Mansion to be Neville and Lydia’s daughter?”
A: For a while, I thought she was, but I find it kind of weird that she’s located on the other side of the mansion while the entire family sans her is in that one hallway. You would think she would be a bit closer than that, right? Well, until we get more Luigi’s Mansion lore, I guess that will always be an unknown.

Q: “Do you have any other talents aside from Let’s Playing?”
A: I don’t think I have any sort of special skills or talents, just hobbies (which I would technically include “Let’s Playing” into that pool as well). I like golf, math, computers, singing….but I can’t really say any of those would be a talent or skill I excel in.

Q: “What do you hope for in Pokemon generation #7?”
A: I actually kind of hope Mega evolution is nerfed quite a bit and it becomes more of a visual change, or at the absolute least, a form change, where the Pokemon’s stats aren’t altered, just the typing and maybe the kind of moves it can learn. I think Mega evolution just kind of imbalances the playing field because so many Pokemon that are already pretty strong, have mega evolutions, and even Pokemon that don’t evolve normally (like Audino and Kangaskhan), while some have mega evolutions, others don’t, and the ones that don’t are even less viable now. But I don’t know a whole lot about Pokemon competitive play, so I can’t really speak from experience. That’s just the way it seems lately. I just want the field to be more balanced. Also, more original Pokemon would be nice, but only if they don’t sink as low as to make random household objects into Pokemon (you know…like a pair of car keys). Also, make evolutionary stones and items more accessible to get.

Q: “Do you wish Bart’s twin-brother Hugo (a non-canon Halloween character in The Simpsons) was used more in the series?”
A: No, because we saw Bart being born (or at least the scene around that) in a flashback episode way before that Halloween episode, so Hugo would completely mess up the story. There’s a reason why everyone hates Skinner’s “Armin Tamzarian” backstory because it completely conflicts with what we know and love about the character. I feel like expanding more on Hugo would do the same thing, especially after twenty-five years of the show being on the air, Bart being the main character (and one of the most important characters), and the idea just kind of being silly in the first place. “The Principal and the Pauper,” the episode that revealed Skinner to be a fraud, was one of the most hated episodes because it tried to change what we know and love about a character after 9 years of that character making a solid impression. That plot basically said, “forget everything you learned, he’s not who you think” and then at the end decided, “actually….this new change is stupid, let’s go back to the way things were.” I understand that was the point of the episode; making satire out of the fact that some shows will do an extreme change to boost ratings, but it still didn’t really work, because now when people see Skinner, there will always be a small part of that plot reminding us what could have been. Hugo would do the same thing, honestly.

Q: “What idea made you want to start your Youtube channel?”
A: Just the idea of being able to make my own walkthroughs for people without having to write a whole bunch. Then as time went on, I decided to go with a more personal route with Let’s Plays….and the rest of that story pretty much writes itself.


Ok, that was actually a pretty lengthy episode for only twenty questions, but good news is that I do have some leftover questions that I’ll use for next issue, so maybe the wait won’t take two months this time. If it does though, just remember that it’s only because I haven’t gotten enough questions yet. Also, if you would like to ask a question, make sure you submit it via the Contact Form and not through the comments section of this page, comments in my videos, or through Twitter. I will only answer questions for Question Corner through the Contact Form, so please keep that in mind.

Question Corner #4 – 1/26/2016
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