Game: Diddy Kong Racing
Start Date: February 10th, 2015
Videos: 15

Diddy Kong was one of Rareware’s finest creations and on the Nintendo 64, he featured in a pretty sweet racing game that was pretty darn close to topping the Mario Kart giant that had become the king of racing games at the time. It’s time to collect some bananas and balloons and memorize those silver coin locations, because it is Diddy Kong Racing time.

Diddy Kong Racing was a game I had in mind for awhile at this point, but I didn’t want this game to be looked at as another weekend racing project, seeing how I had just completed Mario Kart: Super Circuit a few weeks prior. I held off a small bit, but at a certain point, my nostalgia just couldn’t handle it anymore as I drove back into this gem of a racing game.

Diddy Kong Racing
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