Game: Super Mario Sunshine
Start Date: August 11th, 2014
Runtime: 9 hours
Videos: 23

Mario and Peach surely need a vacation after all of the kidnappings they’ve had to endure, but they are about to find out that this vacation will not be absent of controversy. A shadowed doppleganger of Mario has appeared on the luxurious Isle Delfino and is covering the island in mysterious goop and when Mario arrives on the scene, he gets blamed for the mess. With a new water tank named FLUDD on his back, Mario proceeds to clean up the entire island and to clear his name.

I wanted this game to be my big summer Let’s Play, but I unfortunately took a bit longer in finishing some of my other projects, making this game appear rather late in the summer months. Regardless, this is a game that I have wanted to do since my initial completion of Super Mario 64 back in 2013 and with just enough summer left in this year, I knew it was the perfect time to begin this game. Unfortunately, I got plagued with some computer issues during this project, but as soon as I got them fixed, I was right back on track.

Super Mario Sunshine
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