Game: Mario Party Advance
Start Date: March 2nd, 2014
Runtime: 6 hours
Videos: 16

Mario Party had been a clear success on consoles, but after awhile, the developers at Hudsonsoft wanted to take the series and move it on to the Game Boy Advance, which had been a huge financial success at the time. The results were quite…different, to say the least. Anyway, Shroom City has been attacked by Bowser and he has taken all of the world’s minigames and “gaddgets.” It’s up to Mario and his three closest friends to help solve the troubles of Shroom City.

With all of the console Mario Parties being completed at this point, I knew that at some time I would need to take a trip to the handheld games, and after almost a year of no Mario Party action on the channel, I decided to give Mario Party Advance a try. Although it’s very different from the traditional Mario Party formula, even moreso than Mario Party 9, it does have its own charm and I wanted to share it with you guys.

Mario Party Advance
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