Game: The Simpsons Game
Start Date: October 9th, 2013
Runtime: 8 hours
Videos: 25

When The Simpsons Movie first became a thing, the arrival of The Simpsons Game was right around with it. Strange things are going around in Springfield as the town figures out that they might be in a video game. What kind of chaos will ensue when the Simpsons world enters the world of the video game greats? It’s a result you have to see to believe.

This was another playthrough that I was really hoping for to have similar results like I had for The Simpsons: Hit and Run. Although it came up short in that department, this playthrough did have a charm of its own, and not just in the novelty of me playing this game for the very first time. The Simpsons universe has always been an entertaining world, and this game was a really good representation of it. Maybe not as much as HIt & Run, but I still give credit where credit is due. Also, because I played the Wii version of the game (which had limited content, compared to other versions of the game), who is to say that we have seen the last of The Simpsons Game?

The Simpsons Game
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