Game: Donkey Kong Country Returns
Start Date: May 19th, 2013
Runtime: 8 hours
Videos: 24

The Donkey Kong Country trilogy has always been widely accepted as one of the SNES’s best staples, but in 2010, game developer Retro Studios, the same mind behind the Metroid Prime series, felt it was time to give this series a comeback. That comeback title is now known as Donkey Kong Country Returns. Although the Kremlings are no longer around, the ancient tribe of the Tikis has started causing trouble around DK Island, using some kind of magic to make the animals do their bidding. However, when they mess with Donkey Kong’s banana stash, they will soon learn that they picked on the wrong ape.

After having the entire SNES trilogy under my belt, I turned my attention to the Wii’s reimagination of the DKC series. Although I wouldn’t say I like it as much as the SNES games, this game was still a really nice attempt at bringing back a classic series and I give Retro Studios a lot of credit where it is due, and for this game, they deserve a lot of credit. Overall, I wouldn’t say this project accomplished all that I hoped it would, but it was still a great playthrough nonetheless and I hope you guys enjoy it too!

Donkey Kong Country Returns
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