Game: Kirby Squeak Squad
Start Date: March 4th, 2013
Runtime: 4 hours
Videos: 13

Kirby really loves his sweets, but when a group of thieving mice called The Squeaks come to town and steal his dessert, the fun and games are over. Kirby must now give them chase, retrieve his lost cake, and pick up tons and tons of other treasure that he finds throughout his adventure.

It had been awhile since I used my DS-recording technology so I figured another DS Let’s Play would be a very welcome addition to the channel. The game I chose was actually a very random selection, but I figured that Kirby never usually did me wrong and this was a game I actually really liked and felt was underappreciated in a lot of different ways. This project also featured a lot of firsts for my channel, including the first time I used a channel-specific side-border for my videos, and the first time I used a “Previously on….” clip segment to remind people what happened in the previous video (most of the time it being a funny moment).

Kirby Squeak Squad
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