Game: Super Mario 64
Start Date: January 13th, 2013
Runtime: 5 hours
Videos: 18

Mario has been on lots of adventures, but Super Mario 64 was the first adventure to take Mario in a 3D environment. Princess Peach has invited Mario over for a slice of cake, but when he arrives at the castle, he finds that things are not as they seem. The Princess has once again been captured, in her own castle no less, and Mario must rescue her, while also restoring the power of the stars to the castle. By doing this, Mario will not only save the day, but might still get that piece of cake!

Super Mario 64 was a game I was kind of worried about at first, mainly due to the sheer amount of people who have done a playthrough of the game on Youtube already, but thankfully it’s a game anyone can get into, no matter how many times you play it or watch it. This game is definitely a legendary title of the Mario series and its influence has been widespread throughout the ages.

Super Mario 64
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