Game: Fortune Street
Start Date: November 28th, 2012
Runtime: 48 hours
Videos: 102

Everyone sure loves a game of Mario Party, but what happens when you remove the mini-games and replace them with stocks, properties, investments, and everything economics, and add a bunch of Dragon Quest characters? My friends, it’s time to take you on an adventure; an adventure called Fortune Street!

When I first heard of Fortune Street, I wondered if it would be a nice continuation of the huge Mario Party following that was featured on my channel. However, when I started playing the game, I was very quickly surprised to find something much different, and much more challenging. I was thrown off from ever wanting to do a project of the game, but here I was…one year later…ready to pick up the Wiimote and try it anyway. Not only was it long endeavor, needing a large break in between both halves of the project, but it definitely had its entertaining moments as well. If you are ready to see the action that Fortune Street has to show, grab a dice block, sit down, and enjoy yourself!

Fortune Street
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