Game: Super Metroid
Start Date: November 27th, 2012
Runtime: 3:41 hours
Videos: 10

The legacy of Samus Aran has always been a fan favorite, and her second adventure to the Planet Zebes is a cult classic among Metroid fans. Upon leaving the Ceres Space Station, after the events of Metroid II, Samus gets a distress call from the station, returning to find it completely lifeless. She finds that the space pirates (from Metroid I) are responsible, and she returns to Zebes to set things straight.

Metroid was one of the few Nintendo series I had left on my radar and I figured it was time to tread these new waters with a bang from a fully-charged Charge Beam. I went with my favorite game of the series, as it was the one I remember most and have the most fun playing, and I felt like it was a great one to start with, and end the year with!

Super Metroid
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