Game: The Maze Game Remastered
Start Date: August 6th, 2012
Runtime: 7 hours
Videos: 14

What happens when an old maze game gets redesigned with a brand new look and more complex puzzles? You get The Maze Game Remastered, a new game from the same mind that brought you the original, with a much improved graphical interface. I hope you are ready to save some pink bears, because the green bear is ready for action!

So at the time of this project’s beginning, I was completely unprepared to even cover this game, having two other games on the mind, but when my computer decided to crash and ShadowMarioXLI decided to taunt me to take on the challenge of The Maze Game Remastered in the meantime, that was a challenge I couldn’t refuse. This game is not just a simple remake though (although it does feature some similar layouts from the original), as it features new puzzles, new obstacles, and most importantly, a complete graphical rework by my good friend MegaFreak400!

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The Maze Game Remastered
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