Game: Mario Party
Start Date: March 8th, 2009
Runtime: 9 hours
Videos: 54

Mario and his friends are arguing about who is the true superstar of the bunch. However, when the argument starts to get heated, Toad stops the flame war and decides that the group needs to play a game of Mario Party to determine who the superstar really is. This game was the start of Hudson Soft’s famous Mario Party franchise and was the flagship title that brought all of our favorite board games and mini-games to the gaming world!

Although this is the first installment of the Mario Party franchise, this was not the earliest Mario Party playthrough on my channel. I had previously done both Mario Party and Mario Party 2 (along with Mario Party 3 and Mario Party 4) before I came back to do this replay project. I had some problems with copyright on the original Mario Party and Mario Party 2 projects, so I had to remove the videos, but I did not have to remove Mario Party 3 or Mario Party 4, which makes them the earliest Mario Party projects on my channel. The older Mario Party projects can no longer be found.

This project is definitely one of my favorites of all the projects I have done on my channel. It set-up, established, and continued a lot of long-running jokes that would return in other Mario Party playthroughs and other LPs in general, including my tirade against the one and only Princess Peach!

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Mario Party
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