Game: Kirby’s Epic Yarn
Start Date: April 2nd, 2012
Runtime: 9 hours
Videos: 25

Kirby is having another leisurely stroll through Dream Land when he finds a nice, juicy tomato to eat. Turns out, eating this tomato was a bad idea, as an evil sorcerer named Yin-Yarn turns Kirby into a piece of yarn himself and sends him to a place called Patch Land. In Patch Land, he meets Prince Fluff, his guide to this new world made of yarn! Although Kirby no longer has his trademark abilities anymore, he will find that yarn isn’t so useless. It can quite literally be the key to threading this new adventure together!

Around the tme of this project, Kirby’s Epic Yarn had gotten a lot of hate from gamers, particularly those who either found the game “insultingly easy” or a bad title to represent the Kirby series with. I personally disagree with all of those sentiments as I thought this game was amazing in its own right and charm. Not only did I find the gameplay fun, but the game itself is a masterpiece in audiovisual excellence. I had also gotten a lot of requests to cover this game as well, which I was more than obliged to follow through with. All in all, I think this is a terrific game and I hope you guys enjoy it as well!

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Kirby’s Epic Yarn
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