Game: Pikmin 2
Start Date: December 20th, 2011
Runtime: 18 hours
Videos: 71

Captain Olimar has returned from his deep-space adventure to find that his employer has been dealt a crippling economic blow. With no money, and possibly no job, Olimar takes this news badly as his ship is now taken away from him. During this, a souvenir from the pikmin planet is noticed by his boss, and after evaluating the treasure, he finds that the trinket is worth quite a bit of money. So now, it’s up to Olimar, and his new companion Louie, to wipe the planet clean of its treasures in hopes of finding a cure for Hocotate Freight’s economic downpour. This adventure will take us to new places, force us to face new dangers, and maybe even meet some new pikmin!

With the success of my Pikmin projects (or rather, the two projects I did on Pikmin 1), Pikmin 2 was a game that was heavily requested of me for a very long time. I finally decided it was time to take on this beast of a game in late 2011. Does SlimKirby have the ability and the skills to be an excellent Pikmin 2 player? I think my results at the end of the project will answer all of your questions, but for now, this was an excellent playthrough to close out 2011 and enter with in 2012! I also covered the game’s Challenge Mode as well!

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Pikmin 2
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