Game: Wii Party
Start Date: November 5th, 2011
Runtime: 8 hours
Videos: 30

With the future of Mario Party uncertain, Nintendo decided to take the reigns and develop their own Mario Party as part of the “Wii” series (Wii Sports, Wii Play, etc.). Mario and his friends are no longer here, but don’t count this party out just yet, as there are a variety of different games and mini-games to try!

Mario Party 9 was only “announced” at this point, so in order to keep the party going, I decided to give Wii Party a try! Although I feel the final results weren’t as great as Mario Party had been in the past, I did feel like this was a very enjoyable project to work on, and more importantly, made the game stand out on its own, which is what mattered to me most of all! For those who consider this game a cheap knock-off of Mario Party, please flush those thoughts down the toilet, because even Wii Party has a charm of its own!

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Wii Party
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