Game: Super Mario Bros. 3
Start Date: October 27th, 2011
Runtime: 3:41 hours
Videos: 11

So we had the game that started it all, and the two games involved in the sequel controversy, but now we have the one that everyone remembers! Super Mario Bros. 3 was a phenomenal success for gamers living in the NES era, with the inclusion of such classic levels, power-ups, enemies, and some of the best 2D platforming you will ever find in gaming history! Can you bring Mario all the way to World 8 and rescue the princess again? You better hit that start button and find out!

This is a project done in conjunction with three other games as part of the Super Mario All-Stars Let’s Play. I had just finished Radiant Dawn at this point and wanted to take it easy before I got back into any major games, so I figured a run-through all of the classic NES Mario games was in order!

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Super Mario Bros. 3
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