Game: Super Bomberman 3
Start Date: April 4th, 2011
Runtime: 3:13 hours
Videos: 11

Remember the Five Dastardly Bombers from Super Bomberman 2? Well if not, they are back, but this time under the control of a new, evil mastermind! It looks like once again, Bomberman will need to save Planet Bomber from another intergalactic invasion!

This was actually the first game I played on my channel that had no American release, forcing me to play the European version. Bomberman is known for being a very repetitive gameplay series, and the 3rd installment of the SNES series is no stranger to that stereotype, with nearly all levels being a typical, “destroy all enemies, activate all switches” objective, and unlike the first two games, I never found this game to be particularly engaging, or as engaging. However, I did want to follow-up the first two playthroughs with the rest of the series, and this is my take on the third game.

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Super Bomberman 3
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