Game: Mario Party 4
Start Date: November 26th, 2008
Runtime: 10 hours
Videos: 62

Mario and his friends are once again met with another opportunity to party like the part animals that they are! This was the first Mario Party installment available for the Nintendo Gamecube and it featured new boards, new mini-games, new items, lots of new bonus features, and perhaps the best thing, just a new Mario Party game to play!

Although this is the 4th installment of the Mario Party series, it is actually the 2nd earliest (in terms of date) available playlist of my Mario Party playthrough series. This is because I had to remove my original playthroughs of Mario Party 1 and Mario Party 2 due to the issues of copyright I had with those videos, and as a result, I redid them at a later date, after this project.

This may be one of my earlier projects, but this is where I felt things were starting to come together in terms of how I wanted the quality of my videos to be. I had some issues with the audio quality, but I don’t think they hindered the project and still made it a very enjoyable party!

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Mario Party 4
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