Game: New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Start Date: December 20th, 2010
Runtime: 7 hours
Videos: 23

Princess Peach is having another one of her classic get-togethers, but when Bowser’s kids jump out of the cake, it’s no fun and games anymore. Mario gets his gear together and gives chase to those havoc-causing Koopa Kids, likely to once again find Bowser at the other end of the fishing line.

This game was actually pretty new at the time of me doing this project, but it was a Mario game, which naturally means I am a sucker for classic Mario platforming. Although one of the major draws of this game is the fact that you can participate in live 4-Player co-op, I set out to show that even the one-player has a beauty of its own! This was also another project that was affected by the computer crash of 2010, as this project was planned to release much earlier, but these problems were on the verge of being fixed when this project started coming around!

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New Super Mario Bros. Wii
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