Game: Mario Party 7
Start Date: October 23rd, 2010
Runtime: 11 hours
Videos: 41

During the Gamecube era, Mario Party got into the habit of releasing one game per calendar year, and Mario Party 7 was no different. In this rendition, Mario and his friends have gone on vacation, but when Bowser doesn’t get invited, Mario and his friends better think twice about who they exlcude, because Bowser is now going on a spree of rage, ruining whatever destination they travel to.

This Mario Party project had the unfortunate timing of taking place during one of my “computer decides to crash” phases, and as a result, was put on hold for a period of time. One of the most unfortunate aspects of this crash was the fact that during the course of this playthrough, my appreciation for this game had actually increased, when before, it was probably my least favorite of the Mario Party series.

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Mario Party 7
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