Game: Pilotwings 64
Start Date: August 8th, 2010
Runtime: 2:37 hours
Videos: 12

When the Nintendo 64 first came out, Nintendo had a few titles in mind for their release line-up; a Mario game, a Zelda game that will be continually be pushed back until we are ready for it, a Star Wars game because everyone loves Star Wars, and…..a flight simulator? Ok, it’s not really a flight simulator, but more of a whacky game with crazy pilots who take the skies in a variety of different contraptions. And thus, Pilot Wings 64 was born!

This game has always been seen as a bit of a joke between my circle of friends, with me (and maybe one other person if I’m lucky) being the only defender of the title. I personally love this game and find it to be very addictive and fun. It’s no masterpiece of gaming, but it serves its purpose and does it with style, and I wanted to bring that experience to my viewers. I was intending to go for an “all gold medal” run through of the game, but I came up a little short because Sky-Diving is a jerk. Nonetheless, I hope you guys enjoy! =)

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Pilotwings 64
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