Game: Donkey Kong Country
Start Date: May 16th, 2010
Runtime: 2:17 hours
Videos: 13

The rivalry of Mario and Donkey Kong was a classic match-up, but until this game came along, Mario was the only one who really made a name for himself in the platforming genre. Now it’s Donkey Kong’s turn, and when a giant reptile King steals his banana hoard, the big ape, and his chimpy companion Diddy Kong, will go on an amazing adventure to retrieve his lost bananas.

Originally, this project was the result of a three-person collaboration between MegaFreak400, ShadowMarioXLI, and myself, where each of us would cover one game of the Donkey Kong Country series. Little did they know, this was my master plan to start covering the entire Donkey Kong Country franchise, and what better way to cover it than to start with the first game. Although I generally prefer the Mario series, the DKC trilogy is no doubt a masterpiece of its time, being a true symbol of what Rareware has the capability to produce in the gaming department.

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Donkey Kong Country
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