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Game: Luigi’s Mansion
Start Date: September 21st, 2020
End Date: —
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You would think after the events of the first Luigi’s Mansion that the brother in green would be a little less frightened by ghosts, but in Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, there is a lot of ghostly activity going around Evershade Valley and Professor E. Gadd has signed him up for another ghoulish gauntlet. Will Luigi be able to stop all of this spooky madness?

It’s been awhile since my last Luigi’s Mansion playthrough. In fact, the 3rd game wasn’t even conceptualized yet during that playthrough. However, since I had recently played the third game and never finished the prior installment, I figured it was time to do so, in addition to also playing it for the channel as well. Let’s hunt some ghosts, collect some gems, and also get as much treasure as possible!

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon
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