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Game: Spyro the Dragon
Start Date: June 29th, 2020
End Date: August 3rd, 2020
Videos: 16

Nintendo has a lot of mascot characters that have been loved for many years. Sony struck gold with Crash Bandicoot, but in addition to the orange marsupial, there was also a purple dragon that seemed to do very well for himself, and that dragon’s name is Spyro. Let’s join this bubbly dragon in his quest to save the dragon world (amongst other worlds) from evil-doing! First up, let’s stop Gnasty Gnorc!

Although I never had a lot of experience with Crash growing up, I still had a little bit of exposure from my neighbors and other friends. Spyro is a series I never once had any sort of experience with, but I was always interested in seeing what his games were like. Thankfully, much like the Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy, Spyro also got a remastered trilogy in the form of the Spyro: Reignited Trilogy, an awesome collection that features remakes of his first 3 games on the Playstation. I knew this was my best chance to experience the series, and in the year 2020, I got my first taste of the Spyro franchise. And I gotta say, I fell in love with these games! So I hope you guys enjoy my 100% playthrough of the very first Spyro the Dragon game!

Spyro the Dragon
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