Game: Shovel Knight
Start Date: May 4th, 2020
End Date: —
Videos: —

Some people say, myself included, that the indie gaming scene has created a lot of timeless games and heroes that have become just as popular as some of the most famous video game characters, and one character that has gone on to tremendous success is the knight in blue armor himself. Yacht Club Games has literally struck gold with this game and has created not only one of the greatest indie titles of all time, but some could argue one of the greatest games of all time in Shovel Knight.

Shovel Knight is quite easily one of the best games of the past decade in my eyes, and I was happy to experience the game on stream when I played it a couple of years ago. Now I want to give this game the full treatment and cover everything this game has to offer, including the various expansions and DLC packs that have released.

Shovel Knight

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