Game: Kirby Canvas Curse
Start Date: March 14th, 2020
End Date: April 26th, 2020
Videos: 15

When the Nintendo DS released, it’s not a surprise that the pink puffball (among other Nintendo franchise heroes) would try to take advantage of this new technology with a fully touch-controlled game, and Kirby Canvas Curse was the result. An evil sorceress named Drawcia has come to wreak havoc on Kirby’s world and using the magical paintbrush, we must guide Kirby, who is now in ball form, to stop Drawcia once and for all.

Although I had plans to cover another Kirby game at this time, I decided to get caught up with another Kirby spin-off game I had lying around, and admittedly Canvas Curse was a game I hadn’t spent a lot of time with. However, I was curious to see what this game was about and also cover it on my channel as well. In addition to covering the entire story mode, I also showcase all of the extra features of the game, including getting all the medals.

Kirby Canvas Curse
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