Game: Stunt Race FX
Start Date: September 21st, 2019
End Date: October 5th, 2019
Videos: 5

When people think of Nintendo and racing games, it’s no doubt that Mario Kart is probably top on that list. However, Nintendo has tried to make other racing games before, and that’s where Stunt Race FX comes in. Made as a product of the SNES Super FX Chip, this game tried to use the newfound technology to make a fun racing games with some interesting 3D environments and car/object models (which were probably more impressive back then as they are now). The game unfortunately never really took off and only a handful of people probably remember this game back in the days when it first came out, but Nintendo hadn’t completely forgotten about it with a couple of interesting nods and references here and there throughout the years.

This LP was probably the most “out-of-nowhere” project for me in 2019 and that’s because Nintendo announcing that this game would be available again (with this game not having a re-release in any way, shape or form since its debut) for the Switch Online service completely came out of nowhere for me personally. I had experience renting this game a long time ago from my town’s video rental store and I remember having some fun with the game as a result of it, but as mentioned above, Nintendo didn’t really seem that interested in re-releasing it for any Virtual Console or e-shop online catalog. However, leave it to Nintendo to destroy my expectations I guess. This LP will just be a quick and simple playthrough of all the modes of the game, including a quick multiplayer session with my good buddy OdinSpack!

Stunt Race FX
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