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Game: Lemmings
Start Date: March 23rd, 2019
End Date: May 25th, 2019
Videos: 19

The early 90’s had a lot of simple games with very basic objectives. Perhaps the most common objective was “get to end without being destroyed.” This objective has become a way of gaming life in a lot of respects, but one question still remains that a lot of old-school PC gamers had the joy of answering…can you save a group of non-stop walking creatures before they plummet off a cliff? That’s where Lemmings comes in.

Lemmings is a game I had the pleasure of playing with my dad a lot when I was younger. We would spend hours in front of his computer trying to figure out how to get all of our Lemmings to safety before they went off the ledge, got burned alive by lava, and various other devious traps and tricks that got in our way. I had a feeling it was time to bring my love of this classic puzzle game to light this year, so here we are with another special weekend project for me.

I am also covering the SNES version of the game, which has a slightly different-looking interface than other versions, and some other modifications made specifically for the SNES version.

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