Game: Mega Man 10
Start Date: March 18th, 2019
End Date: April 4th, 2019
Videos: 8

Danger! Danger! A worldwide epidemic is going around in the form of Roboenza; a sickness that is affecting robots. And now, with robot-kind out of commission, our way of life is in danger. Dr. Light and Dr. Wily have now teamed up to find a way to end this virus and it looks like Mega Man is ready once again to take the stage and find a way to fix this as well. However, we have eight more robot masters trying to take us down and another evil that will show it’s face later on…please don’t be Dr. Wily. Please!

I decided to attack Mega Man 10 a bit early this year, just on the off chance that we wouldn’t be side-winded (in a good way of course) with another new Mega Man game. However, this is the last Mega Man game (at least for now) that used this classic 8-bit style, so it’s definitely still the end of an era, somewhat.

Mega Man 10
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