Game: Super Mario 3D Land
Start Date: February 4th, 2019
End Date: March 15th, 2019
Videos: 18

I would put up a clever description of how Bowser once again kidnaps Princess Peach, forcing Mario into another grand adventure, but I feel like the guy is running a little empty on unique ways to accomplish that feat, so I’ll just chalk it up to Bowser getting bored and that he just wanted to do something to keep himself busy. That’s right, we have another Mario game to cover and this time we are covering the 3DS classic; Super Mario 3D Land. After spending a couple of titles in the 2D platformer space, Nintendo decided it was time to try another 3D adventure with less emphasis on exploring locales or traveling through space, and more emphasis on straight-up platforming. In addition to that, this title also seems to draw a lot of inspiration from other games from Mario’s past as well, whether it’s power-ups, gimmicks, music, secrets; just a nice celebration of Mario’s past.

My initial plan was to cover Super Mario 3D Land the previous year, but due to Fire Emblem and the Oracle games taking up a huge amount of that time, I had to delay my plans a few months, but decided I wanted to get through this game as soon as possible the following year just so I could continue my streak of covering a 3D Mario “almost” every year, or at least regularly enough. This was a game I knew I could get through easily enough and finish in a quick amount of time, so even with my reduced upload schedule in 2019, I knew it would be a quick one to slip in there.

Super Mario 3D Land
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