Game: Kirby Super Star
Start Date: December 19th, 2009
Runtime: 3:58 hours
Videos: 23

Who says that nothing ever happens in the world of Kirby? Well, this game is and will always be the counter point to that statement, because Kirby Super Star is not one, not two, or hell, even three games. This adventure is a collection of seven games (excluding mini-games) featuring nothing but classic Kirby gameplay in new adventures with some very unique twists.

This was the fourth “replay” project I did on my channel, as I had done some videos for the game at a prior date, but due to the bad (camcorder) quality of the project, with no commentary to boot, I decided to redo the project with a modern spin. The older videos are no longer available on my channel.

I wanted to start 2010 with a bang, and with a game like Kirby Super Star, I knew I couldn’t go wrong. It’s a nice and easy game that has a mass appeal with people, mainly due to how easy it is for any gamer to get into, and has and will always have a place in my heart!

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Kirby Super Star
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