Game: Mario Kart 7
Start Date: September 1st, 2018
End Date: October 21st, 2018
Videos: 14

It’s time for the next generation of Mario Kart, and this generation has handgliders and undersea driving…how adventurous! This installment of the game was released on the 3DS and became, easily, one of the 3DS’s biggest multiplayer and online games at the time! It’s time for another good-old fashioned race!

Mario Kart 7 was definitely a game I wanted to get done this year at some point, and since there was a convenient weekend project opening at the tail end of summer, it seemed like a good as time as any to get things moving here and get one step closer to being done/caught up with the Mario Kart series. I also feel like this is the first time I’ve been closer to finishing off the Mario Kart series than the Mario Party series. But anyway, back to what matters, another stroll through Mario Kart as I take a gander at all the grand prix cups on 150cc and Expert, look at some of the other modes that are available, and even take a few sessions of the game online for some fun and excitement!

Although this project is completed, I may return in the future with some more online sessions before the Mario Kart 8 project!

Mario Kart 7
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