Game: New Super Mario Bros. 2
Start Date: May 15th, 2018
End Date: July 5th, 2018
Videos: 18

Nintendo got on a bit of a retro-kick during the late Wii and early Wii U era, releasing many games that went back to their roots and the New Super Mario Bros. games were the most obvious candidates of that. New Super Mario Bros. 2 was the third of four NSMB titles, and is perhaps the game that gets the most flak for this type of mindset. It doesn’t change the formula very much at all and adds millions and millions of coins to compensate for it. There’s also another story of Bowser kidnapping the princess somewhere in there, but Mario might be too busy collecting coins to notice it. Oh well, at least it’s another Mario game, right?

This was pretty much the last New Super Mario Bros. game I needed to cover before being done with the series. I might go back to the Wii U and cover New Super Luigi U at some point, but as far as the main four, this was really just a matter of taking care of loose ends. I’m admittedly looking more forward to getting to the Mario 3D games, which can only mean that Super Mario 3D Land should be on the horizon at some point soon! Until then though, hope you enjoy another Mario playthrough. With all my teasing aside, I do think this is a very good playthrough and I did have a bit of fun going back to this game because I didn’t remember much of it.

New Super Mario Bros. 2
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