Game: NES Remix 2
Start Date: April 28th, 2018
End Date: June 10th, 2018
Videos: 14

There’s not much to say when sequels of games like these come out. Developers liked the formula they came up with, so they decide to make a sequel with some more content and new idea (although, more towards the former in this case). Nintendo has some more NES games to make challenges with and we are going to see what the 2nd collection of this is going to bring out!

I wasn’t quite ready for more Mario Kart or Wario Ware, or god forbid, another Mario Party game, so a return to NES Remix seemed to be on the table this time! We got some great games in this collection and I’m not just saying that because Kirby’s Adventure is a main feature. We also have my favorite NES game of all-time, Super Mario Bros. 3! We have my favorite block-dropping puzzle game of all time, Dr. Mario. And we also have…Wario’s Woods? Interesting…

NES Remix 2
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