Game: The Legend of Zelda
Start Date: August 1st, 2016
End Date: August 6th, 2016
Videos: 6

All great legends start somewhere. This legendary series started on the NES back in 1986 and 1987. Link sets forth to collect the 8 triforce shards and stop the evil Ganon from destroying Hyrule.

The NES Marathon has started and the first game I chose was The Legend of Zelda. It’s a game I’m….not really that familiar with, much like all of the games on this NES console. However, it is a very important game to the series because this jump started a beloved series. I knew I had to cover this at some point, so let this be the first game of the marathon!

I will also be doing a playthrough of Second Quest on my stream channel that will get uploaded to this playlist at some point.

The Legend of Zelda
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