Game: Pokémon Snap
Start Date: July 3rd, 2016
Videos: 6

Back in the late 90s, the Pokemon craze was going wild, and while the video games were doing excellently, it’s no surprise that a bunch of spin-offs were made for the series as well. One of these spin-offs was not about capturing or battling with Pokemon, but taking pictures of Pokemon.

At the end of my Generation 2 playthrough, I mentioned wanting to do some of the spin-off games before I started Generation 3 and I knew Pokemon Snap was one I could get done very quickly in between projects. Although I wasn’t sure when I wanted to start the NES Marathon yet, I knew that if I put the playthrough in July, I could get it done quickly and casually finish up Super Mario Galaxy by itself for the rest of the month if I wanted to do the marathon in August. That’s pretty much what I decided to do.

Pokémon Snap
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