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Game: Mega Man 7
Start Date: May 24th, 2016
Videos: 6

When people think of Mega Man on the SNES, they think of the beginning of the Mega Man X series. However, the original series did have one game on the system too in the form of Mega Man 7. Dr. Wily finds a way to escape prison again and has started causing trouble all over the city. On top of that, a strange robot named Bass is also causing trouble. Time for Mega Man to get into action!

Not much to say here; I wanted to do a small project before Super Mario Galaxy started and I felt like Mega Man was the way to go, especially since my usual choice, Sonic, was already used the previous month. Kinda cool though that I’m almost done with the classic series. Although, that also means I may have to look into some other games of the series as well.

Mega Man 7
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