Game: Thomas Was Alone
Start Date: December 8th, 2015
Videos: 11

Indie games can seriously turn out to be exquisite gems of beauty; the types of games you normally wouldn’t see on consoles, but because one person decided to put their creative mind to work, and due to nice little services like Steam and all the virtual consoles of the world, we can now experience games like Thomas Was Alone! A game that follows a young rectangle through life as he meets new friends and navigates the world around him.

A good friend of mine, illuWeaver, gifted me this game on Steam awhile back. After telling me nothing but good things about this game, and after telling her that I had never heard of it before, she thought it was a game I really needed to play. So when it went on sale, she bought it for me AND I HUGGED HER NONSTOP FOR IT! Ok, I may have exaggerated the last part, but I did enjoy the gift and decided it was a game that would be good to showcase on my channel as a blind playthrough. Plus, I needed another game to finish out the year with! Either way, it’s time for Thomas Was Alone!

Thomas Was Alone
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