Game: Plants vs. Zombies
Start Date: October 3rd, 2015
Videos: 21

In a world where Zombie video games are present and numerous, sometimes a quirky game like this can come out and surprise you. This game takes the silly scenario of fighting off zombies with your home-grown plants in perhaps one of the most addictive mobile puzzle games I’ve ever played.

Of all the games I own on Steam, Plants vs. Zombies is probably my all-time favorite. I might have more hours of playtime with Civilization V, but Plants vs. Zombies was the first game I bought on the system and is hands down my favorite. I had wanted to do a playthrough of this game for awhile, and although OCtober 2014 was pretty crazy and eventful, in 2015 I had a chance to come back and do this game properly.

Plants vs. Zombies
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