Game: Pieces
Start Date: September 12th, 2015
Videos: 4

I know when you hear the name “Atlus” these days, you start thinking about Persona and Shin Megami Tensei. Back in the days of SNES though, you had little gems like this. Games that probably didn’t push the envelope as far as games that redefined the standard of gaming, but games that took a concept like, doing a jigsaw puzzle, and put it in video game form.

Pieces was one of those games that I actually really enjoyed and was amazed by, particularly by how game developers could, quite literally, take any type of activity and make it into a video game. For this game, Atlus was like, “let’s take jigsaw puzzles and make something out of that,” and they did! I find that amazing, although I’m sure many of my fans out there are still questioning me about why this game was Let’s Play-able. Regardless, I’m glad I showed it off as it was another fun mini-project I could do during the weekends to make Pokemon Gold a little more bearable.

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