Game: Mario Party 10
Start Date: June 27th, 2015
Videos: 19

After nine installments and a few handheld games, Mario Party has finally reached #10, but perhaps with results that may not appease the traditional Mario Party fan. The Wii U has brought us a lot of unique gaming experiences; those which utilize the new Gamepad and Amiibo functionality. Mario Party 10 tries to capitalize on all of these features, but perhaps in a way that will make this the most unique and “interesting” Mario Party experience yet…

I knew Mario Party 10 was coming in the months leading up to this project and even in the game’s release. However, after my first impressions of the game, I can’t exactly say I was incredibly excited for it. I’m still going to give this game my full and undivided attention and I think it’s going to have its moments as well, but as I said above, this is perhaps the biggest drift from a series in a very long time…

Mario Party 10
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