Game: Yoshi’s Island DS
Start Date: May 26th, 2015
Videos: 28

After the events of Yoshi’s Island, Kamek goes on a baby-napping spree yet again and makes the mistake of messing with the wrong infants. This time however, Baby Mario is not alone as a few other select babies from the Mario universe are here to fight alongside the Yoshi race as they take back their island once again from Kamek’s evil deeds.

So here is a little backstory with this project….this has actually been in the works since like…2014, and even the tail-end of 2013 as well, however, with DS capture being a novelty that is not readily accessible, getting this one off the ground was quite the challenge. For those who watched my updates, this was the long-defined project known as “Project Babysitter,” a codename I gave this project in particular because the original Yoshi’s Island project was once considered some of my best work on Youtube. A month before this project was even recorded, this was still considered an impossibility until Nintendo gave us the wonderful news that DS games would be coming to the Wii U console’s eshop, and this game was one of the first candidates. This only meant that Project Babysitter could finally come off the ground!

Yoshi’s Island DS
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