Game: Sonic 3D Blast
Start Date: May 5th, 2015
Videos: 7

Sonic has rescued a lot of small animals, including Flickies, the cute little bird-like creatures that hop around. In this game though, Dr. Robotnik is harnassing the power of the Flickies for his robotic monstrosities, and Sonic is arriving on the scene just in time to rescue them. We must save Flicky Island!

Truth be told, I’m looking forward for the day when I can move on to the 3D Sonic Adventure games, but before I get to that point, there are some games I feel like I need to cover first. Sonic 3D Blast is one of those games, a game that I feel is rather unappreciated from the Sonic fanbase. Maybe not along the same lines as Sonic 2006 or even Sonic Boom (although let’s face it, it takes a lot of bad decisions to make games of that quality), and sure, maybe it’s not as solid as the original trilogy, but I do think there is some fun to be had with this title.

Sonic 3D Blast
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