One thing I like to do in my spare time is watch Top 10 lists of things from video games, television shows, or really any type of category if I find it interesting enough. On Youtube, I’ve done a few series where rank some personal opinions of mine together in a Top 10 format, or in some cases, I gauged the viewers and contributors of my channel. Either way, here are some of the lists I’ve done on my channel.

Current Lists:

Completed/Ongoing Lists:

SlimKirby’s Projects of the Year

Every year since 2013, I’ve made a video on the final day of the year where I highlight my favorite projects (and your favorite projects) in a Top 10 list format. These videos are always fun to make because it’s a trip down memory lane; in some cases a glorious trip down memory lane.

Best of… Worst of… Mario Party

Mario Party has always been a big thing on my channel….but which Mario Party is my favorite? What are some of my favorite boards? What about minigames? I did this series because I noticed how much people loved and enjoyed my Mario Party content, almost to the point where it feels like I’m committing sin if I’m not playing Mario Party or playing Mario Party knockoff. Regardless though, Mario Party is a very special series for me too, and to celebrate the 10th game coming out, I decided to do something special for the series. This series could potentially expand depending on how many more Mario Party games come out.

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