Here are links to all of my active social media pages and the pages I use to host events and other contests.

Here is a link to my Youtube channel where I post my videos and Let’s Play projects! I upload on a daily basis, so expect at least ten minutes of content everyday.

Twitter & Facebook:
My Twitter and Facebook accounts will be used as a platform for video and site updates. Every time I upload a video or make a post on my website, it will go straight to my Twitter and Facebook feeds. I try to respond to tweets and Facebook posts whenever I can, but due to my large number of followers, it’s not something I can do regularly.

Twitch TV:
This is my streaming site where I stream myself playing video games for my followers. I don’t stream on a regular basis, nor do I usually have any random, unscheduled streams, but when I do, I’m ready for the long haul! Check the “Events” page here for upcoming events, or come to my Twitch channel and see clips from stream events I have hosted in the past.

NOTE: If there are any other media sites that are not listed here, I do not have an active account on that platform, or my profile is secret/hidden and I do not want it out in public. If there is a “SlimKirby” or “SlimKirby64” profile, or another variation of the name who is claiming to be me on any of those sites, that IS NOT me, so let me know as soon as possible and maybe I can do something about the impersonator. If not, I will only be posting my actual and active profiles to this page anyway, so you will always know who the real SlimKirby is.