Welcome to slimkirby.net!

This was the secret project I was working on, as mentioned in the Christmas 2013 update, and has been a long endeavor in its creation. I wanted to have a website, not just in dedication to my Youtube channel, but also to host other projects I’ve been working on (and want to work on in the future) and to just bring you guys as much content and information as I can.

Gaming is and has always been a big thing for me; professionally, recreationally, socially, and in many other ways. Now that I have a platform to voice and share my passion (in the establishment of my Youtube channel), it’s time to go big, and in a very big way. This is why this website has been born!

Every week, I will be posting one or two articles on this site. These articles can range from opinionated standpoints on how I feel about specific topics (on the gaming front of course), a review on a game I’ve played (or have been playing), or even a look forward on what’s happening on my Youtube channel (or a look back on something else). This site will also feature an archive of all of my Youtube projects (past and present), a section where you guys can submit fan-art and/or questions, or see what is coming up and/or information about events I will be participating in.

To find out what each section is about, click on the tabs above this post and let the magic of “slimkirby.net” fill you with all kinds of fuzziness! I hope you all enjoy, my fellow star warriors!


NOTE: Some of the sections may seem “emptier” than others. This new website is, quite literally, a “NEW” website, so many of the sections will be flushed out over time. I’m going to try and fill this up with as much content as possible during the site’s first month of being up and running, so there will be more updates than usual. 

Hello Everybody, SlimKirby Here!
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